Do you need a chiropractor in Decatur?
Our Decatur Chiropractor has experience treating accident injuries and is dedicated to helping every one of their patients to a full recovery. If you are hurt and need professional care, call us at (800) 961-PIAN (7246) or visit us at 2375 Wesley Chapel Rd....

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Free Back Pain Consultation

Mar 21, 2019 – Mar 28, 2019

Back Pain can be caused by Spinal Misalignments, Poor Posture, Poor Workplace Conditions, Car Accidents, and more.

If you are suffering from Back Pain, no matter the cause, you need to contact the Chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic.

For over 40 years, Arrowhead Clinic has been helping patients r...

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Stone Mountain is a beautiful place to live, hike and be outdoors. Sometimes these activities lead to sore, stiff muscles, or you may even get hurt sometimes. Resting is good but getting treated by a professional chiropractor is always best.
Arrowhead Clinic is closer than you think and has expe...

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Start the new year right with an adjustment and injury care like no other. At Arrowhead Clinic our chiropractors are experienced at treating whiplash and other accident injuries, so do not hesitate if you have been injured. Visit your chiropractor near me in Decatur! Learn more by clicking the bu...

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Are you looking for a Chiropractor?
Decatur has a fantastic chiropractor at Arrowhead Clinic. Dr. Roy Vogel specializes in accident injuries and is excellent at getting his patients feeling well after their accidents. Call our clinic at 800-961-7246 to set up a free consultation now or visit us ...

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Meet Dr. Roy Vogel!

Dr. Vogel is a chiropractor with Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur, Georgia since 1992. He provides outstanding care, often working with patients who have work or auto-related injuries. Dr. Vogel offers a range of treatments including physical therapy and rehabilitation. He bri...

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Chiropractic Care

  • Chiropractic Care

    Many individuals in the Decatur, Georgia community suffer from chronic neck and back pain, requiring the quality treatment from an Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor. If your injuries or pain stem from a personal injury accident, you need to contact our Decatur Chiropractic Clinic immediately. Arrowhead Clinic is experienced in treating all types of injuries and pain, especially those caused by personal injury accidents. Our patients have trusted our care and quality of service for over 40 years because we have consistently reduced pain and helped to restore health and overall quality of life. Our chiropractors partner with medical doctors to create individualized treatment plans in order to address each patients unique condition. Decatur's Arrowhead Chiropractic Clinic provides a one-stop solution to medical care when you are injured in an accident or suffering from pain.

Auto Accident

  • Auto Accident

    Were you in a car accident in Decatur, GA and suffered injuries? As if being in an auto collision isn't stressful enough finding a trusted medical facility can feel like a shot in the dark. Even minor car accidents can cause patients to suffer from debilitating injuries especially if not treated with proper medical care. Along with injuries comes the burden of property destruction, wrongful death, personal injury, liability determinations, and emotional distress. Car accident treatment clinic in Decatur, GA Our Decatur chiropractic clinics not only offer the best technological medical advances designed for a safe and healthy recovery. We have a collaborated team of doctors, chiropractors, and attorney's ready to help you get back on your feet both financially and physically. We proudly lead the industry, while safely and effectively treating patients of all ages. Let us help you on your path to recovery; our pain approach is gentle, safe, and always natural.

Back Pain Treatment

  • Back Pain Treatment

    If you are in need of a Back Pain Doctor in Decatur, Ga our expert physicians can provide you with comprehensive Spinal Care and Wellness Solutions for the following Back Pain conditions: Back Pain Doctor in Decatur, GA: Bulging Disc, Arthritis Hip Pain, Muscle Spasms, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Pinched Nerves, Degenerative Disc Disease. The Chiropractors at our pain and injury office in Decatur detect and remove misalignments of the spine and ease muscle tension around the injured vertebral body, allowing proper communication transfer between the brain and body, therefore, restoring function to the nervous system. By removing the mechanical interference many of our Back Pain patient's experience improvements rapidly and are able to avoid surgery completely!

Neck Pain Treatment

  • Neck Pain Treatment

    Do not continue to live with severe neck pain. Our Chiropractic Doctors in Decatur, Georgia can help victims of car accident injuries, or those suffering from chronic neck pain. Our doctors will eliminate your neck pain naturally and prevent future pain from occurring. Many people come into our Decatur, Georgia Chiropractic Clinic, for a Free Consultation. They speak with the Doctors and Chiropractors about their painful neck condition and what treatment options are available to them. Do not let your neck pain remain untreated, or it will begin to affect your quality of life.


  • Whiplash

    Car Accidents are very common in Decatur, GA leaving many victims with severe Neck Pain or Whiplash. If you were involved in a car accident, you should contact a Chiropractor immediately to assess your potential injuries and to help relieve your pain. Whiplash injuries can occur at very low speeds. The severity of your whiplash injury will depend on whether or not you were properly restrained. The neck is extremely vulnerable to trauma. If you have been hurt in a car wreck, you may need the help of our expert Decatur Chiropractors. At Arrowhead Clinic we have designed our offices specifically for Car Accident victims. We have the requisite skills and resources to help with your recovery.

Slip and Fall Treatment

  • Slip and Fall Treatment

    If you or family member or loved one has endured a Slip and Fall injury in Decatur, Georgia you know the pain that comes with the trauma to bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments on nearly every part of the body. Slip and Fall Accidents are among the most common and usually require treatment by a chiropractic doctor to make sure your body is moving well and to help resolve your pain symptoms quickly. A variety of circumstances can cause slip and fall incidents. Anything from slippery surfaces to hazardous walkways can result in genuine misfortune. If your injuries are a daily source of pain, do not hesitate to contact Decatur Georgia's best chiropractic doctors. Our chiropractic doctors specialize in injuries caused by Slip and Fall Accidents and can even help refer you to a lawyer if another person's negligence caused your injuries. Do not be limited by your injuries; call now to explore non-invasive, drug-free treatment options.

Sports Injuries

  • Sports Injuries

    We take a multi-disciplinary approach to treating sports injuries, and we focus on tailoring treatments specifically to the situation and needs of each patient. Chiropractic care is used to improve range of motion and mobility, aid the natural healing process, minimize recovery time, and maximize athletic performance. We treat athletes who have sustained a variety of sports-related injuries, including tendonitis, sprains and strains, back and neck pain, and injuries to the shoulders, ankles, knees, and elbows, among others. And at Arrowhead Clinics we utilize every available resource to help you achieve the results you need.


2 months ago
The staff is a great, very friend and have mannerism. From you enter the door it’s good mornings and welcomes. This is a great environment to start your therapy. They are nothing but the best. I appreciate you all at Arrowhead Clinic
- Shan B
a month ago
Great place love the service the staff is enjoyable especially the young ladies jasmin and ms. T... They are always in good spirits... Love their attitude. The Doctor are professional and straight to the point. Overall no serious complaints would recommend to others in need.
- M F
3 weeks ago
The doctors and nurses were a big help and super nice. They helped me through your every step of the process and it went by smoothly. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone who was in a car accident.
- Chelsea J

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Arrowhead Clinic is a chiropractic clinic that primarily focuses on getting injured people back to their normal health or even better.  
Dr. Roy Vogel and his staff are located in Decatur
2375 Wesley Chapel Rd # 13, Decatur, GA 30035.  
Come visit us for your free consultation! 
Arrowhead Clinic has been helping the hurt for over 40 years! 

Meet Dr. Roy Vogel
Dr. Vogel is a chiropractor with Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur, Georgia since 1992.  He provides outstanding care, often working with patients who have work or auto-related injuries.  Dr. Vogel offers a range of treatments including physical therapy and rehabilitation. He brings over 26 years of experience caring for patients with a painful headache, neck and back pain.

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