Posted on Jan 30, 2024

Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Decatur

What is a Personal Injury Chiropractor?

A personal injury chiropractor is a health care professional specializing in treating injuries and conditions resulting from trauma, such as car accidents or repetitive stress.

Our team of personal injury chiropractors can diagnose, treat, and prevent conditions caused by imbalances in the spine, joints, and throughout the body.  

For some people, seeing a personal injury chiropractor can solve their problems without taking medication or undergoing expensive surgeries.

Here are some of the ways a chiropractor can help relieve your pain:

-Manual Spinal Manipulation
-Cranial Sacral Therapy
-Extremity Adjustments
-Instrument Assisted Adjustments
-Activator Methods

If you were involved in a personal injury accident, don't wait to contact our Decatur Chiropractor for a free consultation.

Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Decatur
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